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“I had Willeford take up old carpet and refinish my oak hardwoods on a home built in the 40's. When the old carpet was removed, it revealed plywood patches where old floor furnaces had been removed. They matched my existing hardwoods perfectly by weaving in old boards from reclaimed hardwood floors. You simply cannot find the patched areas. My neighbors had a similar job done by another company that used new boards and you can tell. Their attention to detail is beyond compare. I recommend them every chance I get. I wouldn't use any other company.”

– Sandra C.

“I pulled out an old built-in bookshelf and, much to my dismay, the hardwood flooring was not underneath it. I hired Willeford to come in and evaluate the situation for me. They had to do some sub-floor work and then patch in oak hardwood so it would all blend into the rest of my living room floor. The patch came out perfect - you cannot tell where my old floor ends and my new floor begins. Willeford's prices are not the most expensive but they are not the cheapest. I have hired the cheapest before - and take it from me - when it comes to hardwood floors you get what you pay for. Willeford will cost a little more but will do an excellent job for you.” 

- Constance H.

“Hi Mark. I am really happy with the work you did on my floors! They look brand new, a real treat after almost 20 years.  In fact, I don't recall them looking this good when they were new! Thanks, Mark.  Thanks to you, too, Tammy!”

– Judy M.

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